The TDS team maintains a culture of high quality and value and it is evident in every project we’re involved with. Whether we’re producing only marketing material, or we’re handling your project from concept to construction documents, our goal is to provide the best value in design, documentation and marketing of construction projects for our Clients. The following is a basic outline of the TDS process. In case your project does not require the entire TDS process, we also offer individual services to choose from that may better suit your project requirements at any given time.


Discovery of Project Goals

Review and confirmation of Client provided project information.

Identification of Jurisdictional Requirements.

Analysis and summary of governmental agencies with jurisdiction over the project including their requirements.

Development of Design Program

Analysis of project goals in conjunction with jurisdictional requirements to provide a comprehensive guideline to govern design of the project.

Define Scope of Work

Tailor services based on project goals, jurisdictional requirements, and design program, to provide Client with the most efficient and cost effective service possible.

Design and Marketing

The TDS process and Value Optimization

The TDS process is a tract that will take you from concept to completion of construction documents. The term Value Optimization (VO) is best defined as a holistic approach to maximizing value from all aspects of a construction project. To realize the full potential of the VO process it is important to select a design team that utilizes an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach. It is through this process you will realize the most value, efficiency and savings from your project.

Site Planning

Develop a comprehensive plan that optimizes use of project site.

Concept Development

Utilizing a holistic approach to develop a concept design that best addresses all aspects of the project goals.

Schematic Design

Production of sketch drawings illustrating project concept (Site plan, floor plans, and building elevations.)

Design Development

Production of computer generated drawings illustrating general outline of project (Site plan, floor plans, building elevations, roof plan, building section, and wall section.)

Presentation Material

Listed below is a basic list of available products. Creativity in presentation materials is only limited by the imagination. We offer a creative and artistic approach to the development of marketing materials and the media used to disseminate them.

Traditional Methods

Image boards, 2-D graphics, Site plans, Building Elevations, Streetscapes, Floor plans

3-D Marketing for iPad and web

3-D still shots, Virtual tours, Animation video, Option selection interface

Construction Documents

Production of computer generated drawings illustrating basic scope of project. (Title sheet, site plan, architectural foundation plan, floor plans, building elevations, roof plan, building sections, wall sections, construction details, interior cabinet elevations, and electrical plan.)

*The following services are available individually or almost in any combination.

Conversion of existing 2-D plans to 3-D

Conversion of your existing 2-D plans to a 3-D building information model. Allows Client to take advantage of other 3-D products and services.

– 3-D marketing on iPad and Web

– Architectural Bill of Materials

Architectural Bill of Materials

With your existing plans now converted to 3-D, high quality estimating is possible and this information comes directly from the 3-D model. You’ll have the flexibility to customize the bill of materials to meet your specific needs

3-D Marketing

Naturally, with 3-D plans, you’ll be able to market your product with high quality 3-D graphics. Cost of our entry-level 3-D marketing product is competitive with traditional methods of generating advertising material and in most instances will actually be less expensive. You’ll have the ability to customize your 3-D marketing effort to fit your budget while taking better advantage of social media and portable devices like the iPad.

Base Plan Maintenance and Site Specific Plans

Plan maintenance allows you to keep your plan portfolio up to date with regard to construction specifications, options, and the building code.

– This service may be provided at your discretion or on regularly scheduled intervals.

– Service allows you to maintain plan consistency with sales and marketing.

Lot specific plans are a set of construction documents tailored for use on an individual construction site.

– This service helps to insure your customer receives what they purchased.

– Helps avoid confusion and costly mistakes during construction.

– A valuable service if selling options.

– Helps maintain consistency between sales and construction.

TDS Stock Plans

TDS stock plans are available for sale on a single use basis or may be contracted for use in an entire development. TDS retains ownership, copyright, and all property rights. You may only use a stock plan in accordance with the TDS stock plan purchase agreement. Sale or transfer of the use rights to a third party is prohibited. Violation of copyright law will be vigorously pursued and, if necessary, prosecuted.

Service not listed

TDS is always searching for opportunities to provide service. If you are looking for a service not included in this document, then by all means, let us know what it is and we’ll be glad to discover how we may be able to help.